QRP / PSK31 and QRSS


Klondike QRP Expedition





“The Great Klondike QRP Expedition” (guests and members of the St. Louis QRP Society)will have a “QRP to the Field” type operation near St. Louis, MO.  The current plan calls for operating from about 3 PM CST on November 5, 2004 until 12 Noon CST on November 6, 2004.


The primary operating frequencies will be on and near the standard USA QRP frequencies. During the outing the Klondike team will make several Bear Runs. Our call sign will be AK0B/QRP. The Klondike Expedition will call CQ Bears or QRZ Bears de AK0B. We plan on operating all night so please do not interfere with others, take you time and we will get to you. Special Certificates will be available ($1).  When called please respond with the following:


- Signal Report


- Operator's Name, and

- Power Output




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                                    |   qrp    |

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