QRP / PSK31 and QRSS


Klondike QRP Expedition

Text Box: The 1ST great Klondike Qrp expedition IS a GO NOV 5, 2004

The QRP KLONDIKE Expedition Communications Center

A QRP FUN DAY is planned with the challenge of late fall camping.   It will be a Buellerís Day Off outing.  For no stated purpose other than to have fun playing radio in the woods and on the bluffs (700 ASL) of Southern St. Charles County.   Arrive early the first day, fool around with antenna experiments, operate Friday afternoon to Saturday noon.  Expect CW/SSB 160 m, 80 m at night; 17 m, 20 m day with 30 m and 40 m evenings.

There will be time for operators to brave the main bluff over looking the Mighty Missouri or visit Matson Hill Park (4 miles away, 750 ASL) for additional operations in the field.

GPS fan find numerous geo-caches within 5 miles along the KATY (Climbing Cliffs), Hwy 94 (Judgment Tree) and Matson Park (Animal Craze, Matson Hill).

If you are a sport car rally or 4 wheeler fan drive the cut-off (Callaway Fork Road) winding through a narrow valley only three miles north, one lane with low water rock bottom crossing, with major rock out-cropping and moss-covered rock formations.
Bike path connections to KATY in the park, ride or hike only two miles west to Augusta or north to Defiance.  Hopefully, no snow skiing.

Fun Radio expected, Klondike is miles from industrial areas expect the receiver noise level to be close to the limits (-130 db).  Pray for no sun flares.  This is not a contest, relaxed operation, time to try your homebrew creation.  AC power available.

You can do FOX type operating for a few hours if someone wants to try QRP contest mode.  The plan is to post the outing on QRP-L, QRP-F, MQRPFD e-lists with Special Event Station Certificates to those that snag our QRP FUN DAY Expedition.

If you play a guitar, fiddle, etc bring it for a camp fire sing along.  Please no bag pipes or drums. Marshmallows and the hot dogs will be provided.

No flames allowed inside the cabin so we need campfire cooks and Dutch oven experts.      

 1.  What is the cost?   With six in a cabin the cost would be $11 each.   When purchase as a group estimate an additional $10 for food each.
2.  What do I need to bring?   A sleeping bag, blankets, flashlight, drinking water, warm clothes, camera, personal items.
3.  Can I camp in my tent?   Yes, but you have to make your own arrangements to do so.   The tent camp site is Ĺ mile from the cabins.  There is a camping fee for a tent site. You are still encouraged to pool with the group at the cabins for your meals.
4.  Can I participate and not stay overnight?   Yes, within the rules of the park.   We can not have more than 8 in a cabin including guests.   Guests have to leave by 10 PM.
5.  When do I have to make a decision?   NOW, the first 14 to register will be the group.  Others will then be put on a waiting list.
6.  How do I register?   Send  $11 to AK0B for the cabin.  Paypal works.
7.  What happens if I can not go?   The Park department keeps the cabin money if we do not cancel two weeks before (by Oct 21st) our scheduled date.   If you register and canít go; you could obtain your replacement if someone is not on the waiting list.
8.   What if more than 14 want to go?   Sorry additional cabins should be rent for themselves.  AK0B can only be responsible for reserving the first two cabins.
9.   Can we get in and out of the park at night?   Yes, the gate is not locked.
10.  What is check in time?   3 PM.  That is when the park ranger will allow us to get in the cabin and check out (Noon) is when they want all of our gear out of the cabin.
11.  Will outing be cancelled due to Rain, Snow, etc?  No! We will need to be innovative.
12.  Klondike Park Location?  Take I-70 or I-40 to HWY 94S, 94 south for 12 miles from I-40, 2 miles past Defiance on left.  It is a St. Charles County Park

To Sign on - Contact the trail boss - Stan Wilson, AK0B   ak0b@swbell.net